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LA Meeting
The Gang at the L. A. Meeting

Above photo shows the group attending the Los Angeles EB meeting of May 18, 1956. Seated (left to right) are Ivan P. Wheaton, George Scragg (EB Treasurer), Capt. Ralph Barnaby (EB President), Gen. Frank P. Lahm, Carl T. Batts, and Col. Warren S. Eaton, (EB 1st Vice President). You will recognize among those standing such EB's as Arthur C. Burns, Mortimer F. Bates, Miss. O. L. Hildebrandt (Queen of EB's), Hilder F. Smith, Filip A. Bjorklund, Elling O. Weeks, Tiny Broadwick, Howard Hindell, Tom Hamilton, B. H. Canady, and Waldo Waterman. We are indebted to Martin Cole of the Historical Association of L.A.S. for this picture.

by Warren S. Eaton
South Pacific Division Chairman
On the 18th of May, 1956 the Early Birds of the South Pacific Division of California held their first semi-annual meeting of the year to honor the presence of our President, Capt. Ralph S. Barnaby, and our Treasurer, Editor of Chirp and Past President, George H. Scragg. All in attendance sincerely appreciated the effort they extended to attend on this particular date.
     President Barnaby flew out especially to attend the meeting and reminisce with our members in this area, while Treasurer Scragg flew out ahead of an appointment in San Francisco. The pressure of business forced Ralph to return to Philadelphia, via San Diego, immediately after the meeting, while George visited for a day or so before continuing on to San Francisco on business and to attend an Early Bird meeting there in his honor on the 31st of May at the Marine Club.
     The meeting here was planned to broaden the association of Early Birds with other organizations of parallel and common interests. Accordingly, the Historical Associates, a section of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, were invited to attend. Following the success of this joint meeting, this policy will be followed whenever possible in future meetings.
     Gen Frank P. Lahm, chairman of this division, officiated at the dinner, welcoming the Associates and introducing the speakers. He read messages of regrets from those who could not attend, among whom were Col. J. E. Carberry, Motilde Moisant, R. G. "Bob" Fowler, Ed Bates, G. E. Barnhart and Raymond Acre.
     We all then gave a silent toast to our former members who have flown away and folded their earthly wings, namely James Dunsworth, Leo Heffernan, Harry Crewdson, Floyd Smith, Harry Parks, Paul Ferron, Dean Lamb, and George Gray.
     Then Ralph Oakley, President of the Historical Associates, was introduced and addressed the gathering on our common interests in perpetuating the activities of our two groups in the general interest of aviation.
     Our President, Ralph Barnaby, spoke on furthering the purposes of the our organization, as outlined in part in the Chirp and as set forth in our constitution.
     Mr. Mathews, curator of the aviation section of the Los Angeles Museum, addressed us on their facilities for preserving and displaying the Early Bird relics peculiar to this area.
     Then our Treasurer, George H. Scragg, closed the meeting with his well-rounded knowledge and information on EB activities in general, spicing the occasion with some of his apropriate and entertaining stories which left the gathering in a jovial mood for adjournment. He also announced the place and dates of the next EB reunion as Oklahoma City and the Labor Day week end, when and where the Air Races will be held this year.
     Our Queen, Miss O. L. Hildebrandt, efficiently assisted in her usual pleasing way with all arrangements for the event.
     Our next meeting will be held in the fall. Date, program and speaker will be announced later.
     George Scragg went out of his way to make our May meeting and Los Angeles EB's certainly appreciate this as well as his constant and continuing effort in behalf of the organization and aviation in general.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, July 1956, Number 54

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